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10 Best Feminine Hygiene Products To Keep You Fresh and Healthy

Feminine hygiene is often overlooked amidst the hustle-bustle of a woman’s life. Amidst donning several hats, and juggling multiple responsibilities, women tend to compromise on self-care. Poor hygiene can have nightmarish consequences like infections, irritation, and even cancer.  Thankfully feminine hygiene products will ensure that your hygiene needs are covered and you’re fresh as a daisy at all times!

10 Best Feminine Hygiene Products To Keep You Fresh and Healthy

Sanitary Napkins

Our ancestors used everything from rags to wood to cup their menstrual flow! Maintaining menstrual hygiene was a utopian task. Sanitary Pads have made women’s lives easier. They are of two kinds: Disposable and Reusable. Disposable pads are made of plastic and are discarded after use. Reusable pads are made of cloth and can be reused after wash. Reusable pads are a healthier option as it is toxin-free and environment friendly.


Tampons are cylindrical plugs that are inserted into the vagina to soak up the blood. Scary as it may sound, many women prefer tampons as it is less messy. It allows greater activity including swimming, which is impossible with a pad. It doesn’t produce foul smells. They however can be difficult to slip in at times and runs a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and dryness. It is also not environment friendly and can pose health hazards.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are environmentally friendly and economical. It is a flexible cup that is inserted into the vagina to collect blood. It is reusable for up to 12 years, which means you don’t buy period supplies for a whole decade! It is also safe as it is made of rubber or silicone and runs no risk of dryness or infections. Some find its insertion and draining of blood tedious, excluding that, menstrual cups are a great investment.

Intimate Washes

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and doesn’t require any cleaning products. However, washes can be used for the vulva. But one must be careful to use mild, unscented products that are approved by your dermatologist. Keep a close eye on the ingredients and use toxin-free products. The area around the vagina is very sensitive, it is prone to infections and irritations and hence you must test the product before applying it.

Panty Liners

Panty liners are designed for daily use. They absorb excessive vaginal discharge and act as a support for tampons and menstrual cups. It can also be the perfect fix for people experiencing bladder leaks due to incontinence. It can come to your rescue when your period decides to show up suddenly and during early or post-period spotting. Pantyliners are recommended for postpartum mothers to manage the light flow post-delivery.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal is often done for aesthetic and hygiene purposes. While there aren’t any inherent benefits of hair removal, it may leave women feeling more confident. Hair removal creams are often preferred because of it being pain-free and less tedious in comparison to other methods. Creams can have side effects like allergic reactions and skin damage and aren’t recommended for intimate areas.

Intimate Gels

Oftentimes, your skin down there tends to get rough and velvety. Intimate gels ensure that the skin of your intimate area is soft and moisturized. It helps in fighting signs of aging and boosts the renewal of cells. These products should be chosen carefully and you should be cautious about toxic ingredients. It is recommended to get the product approved by your dermatologist and tested on your hand for allergic reactions.

Feminine Hygiene Wipes

Summers and physical exertion can increase sweating in your intimate areas. This can lead to bacterial growth. Feminine hygiene wipes can be used to clean up sweat when you cannot take an immediate shower. These wipes also come in handy to wipe blood due to leakage of tampons, to prevent staining. Carrying feminine wipes is recommended when traveling for long hours. Avoid scented wipes as these could create irritation and infections.

Intimate Hair Cream

Hair in areas like your underarms and pubic area tend to get rough and unruly due to repeated shaving. Intimate hair oil can be used to moisturize and tame the hair and also smoothen the skin. Intimate hair oil also prevents the in-growth of hair that is a common side-effect of shaving that can lead to inflammation and pain in the affected areas. Consult your skin specialist for the best intimate hair oil for you.

Intimate sprays

The intimate areas tend to be prone to a lot of sweating, resulting in an unpleasant odor, and can be a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. Intimate sprays can reduce perspiration, retain freshness and also possibly prevent infections and breakouts. Choose a spray with natural ingredients as chemical-based sprays will cause further harm.

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