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Best 5 Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines

Blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions in the present times. It is largely inconspicuous because of its lack of symptoms. The silent killer that it is, untreated BP snowballs into irreversible damages like heart attacks and strokes. Hence, timely diagnosis and management of blood pressure are paramount. Making a trip to the doctor every time you need to check your blood pressure may not be the most feasible option. You can check your BP in the comfort of your homes by buying yourself a blood pressure monitoring machine and become vigilant about your health and evade potential complications.

Things to consider while buying a blood pressure monitor and make an informed choice.

Cuff Size: The most common cause of inaccuracies in Blood Pressure readings is choosing the wrong cuff size. If the size is too small, it will shoot up the readings. Hence one must choose a cuff size that is right for their upper arm circumference. A medium cuff accommodates an arm circumference of 22- 32 cm and a large size, from 22 to 42 cm.

Portability: The device should be portable enabling you to keep alert of your health even when you’re on the go. Choosing a battery-powered monitor will enable you to use it anywhere and anytime and you will be well informed about your health status at all times.

Cost: An expensive monitor isn’t necessarily a reflection of its quality. Also, going for cheaper products could translate into reduced longevity and compromised quality. One must gauge the average price range and look closely into other factors like clinical approval and customer reviews before making a decision

Warranty: BP monitors aren’t the most pocket-friendly and the good ones tend to be priced on the higher side. Hence, the quality of the product should be assured as there can be no compromises on a product that has such an important function to perform.

Clinical Approval: Checking your BP at home can yield erroneous results that can have damaging effects. Hence, it is important to choose a clinically approved and reliable device. It is also imperative to check your device for accuracy by initially cross-checking the readings with that of the doctor.

These are 5 of the best digital upper arm blood pressure monitoring machines.

1. OMRON HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON HEM 7120 is an FDA-approved, best-selling blood pressure monitor that gives you quick, accurate, and reliable readings at the click of a button. It has a wide digital display that shows your pulse rate and BP clearly and precisely. It also detects irregularities in the heartbeat. It uses the Oscillometric principle and is technologically advanced, ruling out any possibility of a misreading. It is lightweight, handy, and portable. It keeps a record of your past readings. So, you can compare and look for any fluctuations. It comes with an impressive warranty of 3 years. The only drawback is that cuff size is of a limited range (22 to 42 cm). The product has great customer reviews with impetus on its consistency and accuracy.

2. BM35 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This BP Monitor alerts you for any fluctuations in readings, warning you about possible emergencies and Arrhythmia. It has a simple, one-touch operation that makes the user independently monitor their BP. The device is lightweight, wireless, and runs on batteries, making it portable. It can record readings of 2 people, 60 readings each. It has a universal cuff size, suitable for upper arm circumference, and ranges from 22cm to 42 cm. The display is large and clear, making it comprehendible for all age groups. The monitor is equipped with hemodynamic stability which indicates if you are at rest when the values are being taken. It has an impressive 5-year warranty. The product is top-rated and has good customer feedback.

3. ELKO EL-510 Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully automatic, the ELKO EL-510 BP monitor is a tech-savvy product that uses a smart inflation technology for precise readings. It is approved by the FDA. Its sleek and ergonomic design makes it travel-friendly. It has a WHO indicator that helps you compare your results to globally established standards. It also detects irregular heartbeats or Heart Arrhythmia, acting as a clarion call to take immediate preventive actions. It has a universal cuff (22-42 cm) and fits all arm sizes. It has a memory of 120 recordings for each of 2 users. It has a low battery indicator and turns off automatically 3 minutes after the measurement. The product has largely positive reviews, but there are customer complaints of inconsistent readings and inaccuracy.

4. MIEVIDA MI-Heart 101 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This device comes equipped with a Voice-activated system and has a 3 colored backlight display that makes your BP Check a lively and interactive experience. The bold and multicolored display coupled with the voice instructions eliminates any chance of misconstruing your readings. The voice also educates you about your standings in comparison to WHO standards and lets you know if you’re on the higher or lower side. It also comes with a USB port ensuring you uninterrupted health updates, even if the batteries run out. It has a warranty of 1 year after online registration, thereby making it a tedious process. The warranty period is much lesser in comparison to its contemporaries, without any sizable difference in price. The amazon customer ratings are mostly favorable for this product.

5. Sahyog Wellness Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Sahyog Wellness Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor comes equipped with the latest technology that ensures a precise and reliable reading of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse in a non-invasive manner. It uses Oscillometric technology that gauges the vibration of the arterial wall. Its cuffs are sized between 22cm to 42 cm. It runs on 4 AAA batteries and also a USB cable. It has only a one-year guarantee and is available at an affordable price.

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