Best Dating Apps 2022: Where To Find Love, Date or A Friend

Dating for some it’s a piece of cake, for some it’s rocket science. People always want to find new people to interact with. Some want to find something casual, some try to find something more permanent. But during the time of pandemic it’s really hard and unsafe to go out and find new people. So comes to the rescue of online dating apps, which help you find new people from the comfort of your room in pajamas. So let’s see some of the most popular online dating mobile apps to find new people for a relationship.

Top 10 Online Dating Mobile Apps Which Could Help You Find a Valentine of Your Age Group (Millennials and Generation Z)


Tinder is one of the most recommended dating apps and it has the most success rate because of its popularity among the age group of millennials and generation z. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a casual meet up or want a long term relationship. It is the first popular platform for dating and now it has become the biggest matchmaker platform in the dating world.


Bumble is a unique dating app, especially for women. Women have an opportunity to message prior. If the man does not reply within a day or 24 hours, he loses the chances of dating. It is kind of a time-based app because it motivates in managing more contacts. Meanwhile, in rating, the male users’ confidence is competitively higher than other apps. It also came with BFF features for more engagement on the app. 



Hinge is an awesome dating app. Hinge is a popular dating app and known for its understanding that this app isn’t just for physical attraction. The app has no time-bound and no rush features so that its users can find their perfect match without any pressure. The app gives a feature of scrolling just like Instagram instead of swipe so that its user can make a match without any rush. Hinge also offers a detailed profile option.

Coffee Meets Bagel

An amazing app for all the single who does not want any time-bound pressure. Coffee Meets Bagel comes with an interesting concept that coffee dates are usually one of the perfect dates. It refers to grabbing coffee with no pressure of outfits and others. Coffee Meets Bagel, here Bagel refers to grabbing coffee. This app provides simple and no pressure features so that its users can find their match easily. 


The match is a trustworthy dating app. The match app has one of the highest numbers of users. This app gives a level of security. The match is easy to use. It is a very recommendable and trusted app. The app has no time limits, users can use this easily and can find their perfect match. Match app clearly gives justice to its name, there are millions of its users who have found their matches. 


The app gives its users a wonderful feature and because of that, this app is very recommendable. Happn app finds a match for you with a nearby person. This app identifies the matches who are physically close to your surroundings or areas. This app gives very unique features, many apps make your matches but generally, the pairs stay at long distances and it is hard to maintain a long-distance relationship for everyone. This feature detects matches near you so that you can easily meet and interact with your match. 


The ship app is a very interesting dating app. If you are not a good decision maker then this app is the best dating app for you. The ship app provides the feature to swipe and connect with their friends and they can also see and discuss their profiles. If your friend is in a relationship you can download the app to see and stay around them.


Her app is an amazing dating platform for women. It prevents the creepy man from dating sites so that women can feel safe and secure while using this dating app. Her app provides space for women who are seeking women for dating. It is developed by queer women and it is an award-winning app for queer women. 


Grindr is the best app for queer men. This app is specially made for queer men, there are a lot of dating apps like bubble and her that focuses on women. But Grindr is the right place for queer men. Since 2009 Grindr was developed for guys and bisexual men. Grindr is the best place for queer men who loves to interact, connect and want to find their match. 


OkCupid is an amazing app that offers features that provide 12 gender identities as well as 20 orientations. Along with that, they can use their preferred pronounces as well. It is a perfect app for those who want some love, fun and love to interact with others. OkCupid makes amazing matches on the basis of their users’ interests and profiles.

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