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20 Best Comments For Girls’ Pics on Insta and Facebook

Nowadays, we spend half of our time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Thousands of people are posting their pictures every minute and you really have to put up with this virtual world. So, it is better to know before you comment on a picture. Especially if it is a girl. But also, it is not really a tough spot if you have the right intentions and if you know how to compliment a girl on social media. It is also important to keep in mind that the girl doesn’t think otherwise of you. So, it is better to have a list at handy to help you out in these situations.

So, we have prepared a list for you so that the next time you think of commenting on a girl’s pic, you don’t have to go on a brainstorm mode. We have it covered. Choose the one you find perfect and let us know in the comments which one you liked the most!

List of Best Comments For A Girl’s Pic On Facebook And Instagram With Emoji in English To Impress Her

  1. You give such good vibes!
  2. Cuteness overloaded!
  3. I love your hair!
  4. This color suits you so well
  5. I wish I had your makeup skills
  6. That natural beauty tho..
  7. You’re like a ray of sunshine
  8. You have such a pretty smile
  9. This picture made my day
  10. Beauty with brains
  11. Flawlessly beautiful
  12. Stop being so perfect girl
  13. Wish I could like this twice
  14. Damn that smile!
  15. Where did you get that charm from?
  16. You just took my breath away.
  17. You are so full of life.
  18. Elegance at its best
  19. Your smile is so infectious 
  20. You look so stunning!
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