Why #SanctionPakistan is Trending on Twitter? And why You should Support this?

#SanctionPakistan #PakProxyWarAfg #StopTerrorism #StopTaliban is trending worldwide on Twitter as Taliban seized control over many cities of Afghanistan. Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist terror organization, and it’s not a secret that Pakistan has always supported and rooted for them.

How bad is the situation in Afghanistan?

The Taliban already had control in large areas of countryside, but are now challenging Afghan government forces in many large cities. They have occupied several districts, particularly the borders with Iran, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The cities are filled with black smoke and Afghan army and Taliban can be spotted fighting against each other.

Meanwhile, common people are desperately trying to get safety as many have been killed and wounded. Taliban militants are also known for engaging in mass murder and gang rapes of Afghan civilian women and children. They try to seek information about young girls at mosques (especially non-muslims) and abuse them. Afghan females have requested the United Nation to send peacekeeping forces to protect them from the Pakistan funded Taliban, but the situation is only getting worse.

How is Pakistan related to this crisis? 

Pakistan and Afghanistan are both neighbouring countries in South Asia. The Taliban lies at the borders of both countries, which affects their politics as well.

Pakistan has always been blamed, as they helped enemies of Afghanistan during the Afghan-Soviet war (1979-1989). After the collapse of Soviet Afghanistan, differences and divisions happened internally. In 1996, Taliban became a major political and military force, which was supported both diplomatically and materially by Pakistan. They also helped Osama bin Laden who was involved in the 9/11 incident.

Meanwhile, Pakistan PM Imran Khan said in an interview that Taliban is not some military outfit, but ‘normal civilians’. Due to his soft spot for Taliban, he is also known as Taliban Khan.

The country is home to most of the terrorists. Even UN has reported that 5000-6000 Jihadi terrorists have moved from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Afghan government has also blamed them for sending 10,000 terrorists, which includes child soldiers too.

Pakistan is believed to be a breeding ground for state-sponsored terrorism, as there are many countries that are victims of their terror attacks. Whether it’s the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, Pulwama attack in J&K, honour killings in Pakistan occupied Balochistan or the current Afghan-Taliban crisis, Pakistan always had a hand.


How are foreign countries reacting? 

India has sent a flight to northern Afghanistan to save Indian citizens and bring them back. The USA and Britain have already advised their citizens to leave as soon as possible.

The USA has helped the Afghan government troops by carrying out air strikes, but will soon end their operation. They’ll completely pull military forces out of Afghanistan by August 31. As they realised that there will be no “mission accomplished” moment to celebrate. This is the moment that Taliban have been waiting for since the USA invaded in 2001.

Meanwhile, German troops were present there as part of a NATO mission until Jan 31, 2022, but now they are withdrawing too. Their defence minister rejected calls after Taliban occupied Kunduz city, the place where German troops were deployed for a decade.

After the USA and Germany decided to withdraw their support, Afghan Government has now requested Indian Air Force (IAF) to come and support Afghan Air Force.

How are experts reacting to this crisis situation?

Former Canadian politician, who previously served in Afghanistan as a diplomat, Chris Alexander also showed his support on Twitter and asked the UN to take action. He has accused Pakistan of being involved in “proxy war and war crimes” and engaging in an “act of aggression” against neighbouring Afghanistan. To this, the Vice President of Afghanistan replied on Twitter with confidence, “It’s just the beginning. We needed time to get passed from the “shock period”. It is on the way. The Afghan way.”

How is India responding?

Because of good relations, and support for a national peace and stability of Afghanistan, India is keeping a watchful eye. India has provided approximately $3 billion for aid and reconstruction in the war-torn country, as they are promoting Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled nation.

India has funded and completed many projects for Afghanistan, including the construction of $273.3 million worth ‘Afghan-India Friendship Dam (AIFD)’, the Afghan parliament building which was inaugurated in 2015 and a 218km roadway from Delaram to Zaranj along the Iranian border.

In the month of March, Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar visited India. Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, conveyed to him India’s commitment towards a peaceful, sovereign and stable Afghanistan.

At the UN General Assembly, India has highlighted the violence committed by Taliban and other terror groups in Afghanistan, and asked for immediate action. “Peace process and violence cannot go hand in hand, and we call for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire”, said India’s Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu. India is presiding over the United Nations Security Council in August and Indian Prime Minister Modi led Government is trying hard to find a solution to this crisis and protect Afghans living in fear of the Taliban.

What are Netizens doing & How You can support? 

Amid this crisis, netizens have started trending #SanctionPakistan to draw the world’s attention towards Pakistan’s involvement in supporting the Taliban. They are also requesting India and the U.S.A to support the sanction.


Not just online supporters, but Afghans from all over the world are protesting. Afghans in Sweden protested on streets and called out the United Nations to impose the sanction.

To bring an end to violence and bloodshed, let’s join the trend of #SanctionPakistan because #Afghan_lives_matter. Let’s speak up and reach our voices to the UN so that actions could be taken immediately. Let’s do our best to stop terrorism and stabilize the situation.

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