9 best jobs are available in finance  in US 2022

1. Commercial Manager

A company's business development operations are mostly managed by commercial managers

2. Financial Consultant

Financial Consultants have a primary duty of developing financial plans for organisations and individuals 

3. Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analysts identify successful investment opportunities while reducing risk. 

4. Asset Manager

They research market trends and discuss how they might affect investment portfolios or other types of assets.

5. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers develop varied investment solutions for their clients by drawing on their deep knowledge of financial investment

6. Actuary

Actuaries are commonly used by insurance firms to analyse the financial effects of risk and uncertainty.

7. Budget analysts

To analyse the spending or funding of public and private institutions, budget analysts create annual and budget reports.

8. Financial systems director 

Within organisations, business systems are developed and put into use by directors of financial systems.

9. Personal financial advisors 

The management of clients' personal finances is assisted by personal financial advisors. 

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