10 Best Ways to Annoy a Jealous Person

1. Do what they are jealous of

Easy & Simple. Make them more jealou

One of the best things you can do to annoy a person who is jealous of you is acting as if you don’t know the person.

2. Act like they are unknown

3. Be friends with their friends

If you want to annoy a jealous person, go ahead, and interact with all of his or her best friends.

4. Just flaunt your way out

For instance, if your neighbour is jealous of your brand-new car, park the car in his or her parking spot when he or she is not around.

The least you can do to annoy a jealous person is by getting an attitude towards him or her.

5. Show for Show - Show all the attitude

Do you have a picture with a person who is jealous of you? If yes, then here is your cue. Take that picture and crop that jealous person out and then post it on all your social media handles.

6. Crop that person out of an image and post it

7. Give out his or her phone number

When any organizations ask for your phone number, give them the number of that person, who is envious of you.