List of 11 things You Can Do After You Turn 18

Just turned 18? It is always so super exciting to turn into an adult! But are you too excited to be actually knowing what to do when you turn 18? Well, you have just come to the right place.

Though it is the legal age to be able to do a lot of things, but you should also remember that with power, there also comes responsibilities. Just be careful and remember a few things and, voila! You’re good to go and can enjoy your newly acquired freedom!

Tips To Adulting After You Turn 18

You Can Own Your Own Blogging Website

earn money online from blogging

Aren’t you excited? Yes, You can create your own blog and earn money from it. You can start a blog from a android phone or iPhone. You can create it for free without any investment or else create a professional paid blog like Count Shout. If it excites you, motivates you; click on the link to learn more about “How to earn money from Blogging?”

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You Can Apply for A Voter Id Card and Choose Whom to Vote

You Can Apply for A Voter Id Card

This is the time you can elect the legislators of your own choice. Being a part of a democratic country like that of India, it is your responsibility as a citizen to vote. After turning 18, thus you can play an active part in contributing the vote to the party who deserves it.

You Can Apply for a Driver’s License!

You Can Apply for A driving licence Card

Join a driving school of your choice after you turn 18 and be sure to apply for an LLR through any one of the RTO offices. A month after you’ve applied for your driver’s license, you’ll have to give the test and after successfully passing it, you’ll have your brand-new Driver’s license!

Be an Entrepreneur

Be an Entrepreneur

While there is no age limit for starting a business but now you turned 18, you can legally register your business under your name and embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. There are so many successful businessmen and businesswomen who started their business at that early age and have succeeded with flying colors.

Start Giving Tuition

Start Giving Tuition

Since you’ve passed your high school, you can easily take up tutoring jobs by teaching students of lower standards. You can start off by tutoring your siblings and then gradually bring up your A-game! Providing tuitions will help you earn money as well as help in boosting up your self-confidence.

Apply for a Part-time Job and Start Earning Some Money

Even though it is not Absolutely necessary for an 18-year old to get a decent job, but getting a part-time job can surely secure your career in the future. There are also several internships that you can try out even at the comfort of your own home. The recommendations obtained from these jobs can be added to you in your resume which will help you build a solid CV. There are many free online job searching websites out there, you can sign up, submit your resume and apply for internships or part-time job.

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Go to Long Drives with Your Friends or Explore New Places

This is one of the more independent and fun things you can do after you turn 18. You are your own boss now and can do whatever you want. Before you were an adult it was difficult for you to spend nights outside your home or even go far away from your city. But you can easily go about exploring new places and meet new people now that you are an adult. But remember that you have to be extra careful now that you are an adult and thus have to act extra responsibly.

Donate Blood

donate blood

This is the best thing you can do after you turn 18. After you turn 18, you are officially the responsible adult who has a responsibility towards his or her community as well. Remember, each time you donate blood, you save three lives!

Decide A Course That You Want to Study in College

After passing high school, it’s the prime time to set a course for your career (both literally and metaphorically). So, it is important that you decide reasonably and be aware of your passion before enrolling yourself into a college course.

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You Can Apply for a Passport

apply for passport

As you’ve turned 18, you can now apply for a passport. If it was always your dream to travel around the world now is your time. Now be an adult and roam around the world and go on living your dreams!

Join a Gym

join gym

Now that you are an adult, it is the best time to join the gym. Thus, you should definitely start working out and undergo a fitness regimen. It’s high time that you start taking care of your health and fitness. This will boost up your self-confidence as well.

There are a lot of other things that you can do after you turn 18; be it getting a tattoo or a piercing as well. But these are some of the things that are absolutely necessary and at the same time exciting and fun since after all, you are an adult At Last. So, happy adulting!


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