Top 13 Things to Do During the First Week of Your College Life

Checklist for new college students to distress, survive and thrive their freshman year.

Congratulations! That you are now in college, you’ve successfully become an adult. Since you are new to college life, you are likely to be anxious, immensely nervous or are elated by the innumerable number of opportunities present before you.

The first week of your college is always so intriguing isn’t it? Making first impressions though, doesn’t always have to be hard. We fantasize about our college life from the time we are just kids. We have so many expectations and dreams to fulfil for ourselves when we get into college.

But you need not be distressed. We are here to help you with what to do during the first week of your college life and make the most of it. Here’s a list of things that you can do during your first week of college.

13 Things to Do During the First Week of College

Start A Blog

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Start A Vlog

You can record videos and start your own YouTube channel to share your daily experience from the first day itself. This could help other new college freshers. You can do it as your pass-time. If everything goes well and you get significant subscribers and daily views as required for monetisation you can apply for it. But You will have to be consistent. Remember “Consistent is a key to success.” Click on the above link to learn how to start vlogging using your android phone or your iPhone (rich kid) with zero investment or at a very low investment.

Start An Online E-Commerce Business

You know Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or other rich people are not rich because they are college dropouts. They are rich because they started hustling when they were in college and created something that made them rich.

Give a Good Introduction

Though this point seems silly, it is a very useful and the most important tip. A good introduction leads to a good first impression among your friends, professors as well as your seniors. Be yourself, and let people see the charming self of yours!

Find the Best Food Available in and Near Your Campus

Seek the good food and the hotspots in and around your campus. Get to know about which places serve the fastest or which place serve your favourite kinda snack. So, between classes, whenever you feel hungry, you can grab a snack easily without having to find the place with the perfect food.

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Attend All The Events

Whether be it Fresher’s or any other college events that happen usually at the first week of the semester, you should attend them all. Be a known face and an enthusiast ion all the events. This will help you grow more during your college years in so many ways!

Find Your Herd

Finding the right group of people is another important pointer that you need to keep in mind during your first week in college. Be friendly to all your batchmates. This will help you know whom to avoid in the future and whom to be friends with.

Talk to Your Departmental Head

Talk to your Departmental head or your academic supervisor and talk about your requirements, which classes to attend and about the career options available in your field. This will help you have a clearer vision about what you want and what career choice to pursue in the future.

Find a Dorm or Rent a Place With a Batchmate

As they say, hostel life is the best. But hostels are often occupied from before. So, if you are a bit late, don’t worry. There are a bunch of places that need a paying guest. So, find such a rental apartment and choose a friend to share the apartment with.

Join A College Club

Find a club of your choice and join very soon after you get into college. Make it a top priority of yours. By joining a club, there’s also the additional perk of not having to be a newbie. You’ll be able to make a lot of friends as there would be a bunch of your other fellow batchmates too who would join the club!

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Talk To Your Parents And Family Members

You might be a little homesick after getting into college since for most of us, it is the first time to be away from our families for so long. But try not to be depressed, and take some time to talk to your parents and your siblings. This will positively cheer you up!

Explore Your New Campus

Since you are new to your campus, you ought to know about all the nice places that are there. This exploration might lead to a perfect place for you to study or the perfect place for you and your friends to hang out during recess.

Have Some Free Time For Yourself And Chill Out

Apart from studying and making good first impressions, do not forget about your hobbies. Indulge in some self care, pamper yourself, give yourself a break from everything once in a while. Keep yourself stress free!

These were some of the few things that you need to do during the first week of college. Make the most of your college life and have a blast!

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