Top 4 Myths Vs Facts about Monkeypox

The sudden rise of monkeypox cases is being followed by an exponential rise in myths about the virus. The authorities are trying hard to make people aware about the facts and dispel the myths. In an attempt to help our authorities, we bring you this article to bust the myths and to keep you updated with all the latest facts of the monkeypox virus.

Myth 1 – Monkeypox is caused only by monkeys.

Fact – This is a common misunderstanding because of the name of the virus. The virus is only named such because it was first witnessed in monkeys in 1958. Rope squirrels, tree squirrels, Gambian pouched rats, dormice, many species of monkeys, and more animals have been known to spread this virus.

Myth 2 – Eating meat causes monkeypox

Fact – This is only partially true. Eating meat of infected animals will put you at risk of the monkeypox virus. But a properly cooked meat of a healthy animal is completely safe to consume.

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Myth 3 – LGBTQ are high risk for monkeypox infection

Fact – The virus spreads through close or physical contact and is impartial to everyone. Anyone having close contact with an infected person is at high risk for this infection.

Myth 4 – Monkeypox is more dangerous than Covid-19

Fact – Monkeypox is not considered to be a virus more dangerous than anything like small pox or Covid – 19 because we already have vaccines for smallpox which are very effective against the monkeypox virus. Also because monkeypox requires a very close contact to spread. WHO (World Health Organisation) is currently working on making the current smallpox vaccines, which are effective against monkeypox,to be made available worldwide.

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With every world wide news, there are world wide myths. Before confirming any such myths, try and confirm the details through a more reliable source. For details related to the monkeypox virus, keep yourself updated with the World Health Organisation and other prominent medical professionals.

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