Moving to a hostel?: Be Prepared To Expect These 10 Unexpected Hostel Life Experience.

As intimidating as it sounds, the idea of living away from home, it is also an amazing experience to learn important life skills that could help you throughout your life. Hostelers have to navigate through this new found independence while still being responsible.

Here is a list of 10 things that only a hosteler would understand-

Mess Food

Almost in all hostels the mess food is deplorable in terms of overall taste and hygiene. Having dinner out or getting to have home made food from a friend’s is a reason for celebration.

Maggi is always the savior- 

With the hostel food being utterly tasteless and non hygienic the next best and cheapest alternative is always Maggi. With a cooking time of less than 5 minutes and a taste that everybody loves, it can be a midnight snack or sometimes you can even have it instead of hostel food.

Water supply is always unreliable- 

There are no hostels where the borders do not have issues with the water supply or plumbing. Be it water shortage during the early morning or in the midst of a bath, it is not an experience any hosteler likes.

Having home made food is always a group project- 

No hosteler in history has ever been able to finish his home made snacks by himself/herself that he/she brought back from home after vacations. Every time you bring back food from home, all your hostel friends will surely invite themselves into your room.

Group study is a myth- 

With most of your batch mates under one roof it feels like group study is the best option to finish the syllabus quickly but sadly that is very far from the truth! Whenever you and your mates get together, it is more of a gossip session rather than a study session.

You never do laundry-

If you are one of those lucky people who’s hostel provides laundry service, then good for you because if you aren’t a part of that group you will always end up in class with clothes that are at least a week old just because you are too lazy to wash and iron them all the time.

The hostel guard is your best friend- 

Whenever you are late and well past the curfew hours and or want to sneak in/out of the hostels, this is your inside man. He always helps you without questioning so you must always return the favor by giving them something they would want.

Friday nights are meant for partying- 

Who cares if the neighbors complain? Loud music accompanied by dancing and friendly fist fights are a staple , and the party always continues long after midnight. Sneaking in a bottle or two is always a party maker!

Netflix and torrent is life- 

The last time an average hosteler has watched TV was  when he last visited home. With no TV, the only source of digital entertainment is netflix, prime video and other OTT platforms along with movies downloaded from torrent. Just set the download during night before you fall asleep and there you have all your favourite movies and tv series downloaded in your laptop/phone for you and your friends to enjoy. Thanks to the college wi-fi for this boon.

You have a new family- 

Hostels are always homes away from homes. After the huge amount of time you spend here during the most formative years of your life, these friends and fellow boarders become your 2nd family. In the 3-5 years you spend in the hostel, these are the people who have always got your back, no matter what.

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