Maxwell Drever guides hotel owners to undertake hotel transformation in a few steps

In the present scenario, the concept of affordable housing is essential to provide for the workforce population. Hence, considerable efforts from the people and the government are necessary to make it a reality. More and more hotel owners are coming forward to discuss this concept and transform hotels into meaningful homes for low-income people. The quality of the hotel will decide how to structure and transform it into a home-like dwelling for the homeless. Some hotels are pre-furnished, so it does not take a lot of alteration to transform them into cozy homes for the homeless, points out Maxwell Drever

How to undertake the construction process?

  • The hotel owner must sit with architects and designers and discuss how to retrofit the rooms into homes by accommodating sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves. They also have to take care of the plumbing and electrical systems so that the older buildings become updated following the current code of the state. Sound insulation also becomes a necessary part of the transformation to ensure that the nearby residents don’t disturb each other. 
  • However, hotel owners must keep in mind that they have to follow all the state law rules so that they do not violate any norms while undertaking the transformation. Every hotel owner must ensure a fully functional kitchen so that the people staying will not have a problem. 
  • The parking lot’s on the ground floor can be revised effectively to ensure that the workforce population has all the necessary amenities like a garden, swimming pool, and a cozy sitting place. You can say that affordable housing is supportive housing to support the workforce population to earn a decent living and stay near their area of work so that all of them can have primary or standard lifestyles.

Is the governmental regulation of help? 

  • The government of every nation is trying to overcome the problem by undertaking various policies to make this concept a glaring reality. Many measures can ensure that there is revamping and repurposing of weak and old properties into affordable units to take care of the dwelling of the workforce population. There are several programs and policies based on the nation’s development to upgrade the conversion process, thereby providing a home to the homeless population, as affirmed by Maxwell Drever. 
  • Hotel owners have to ensure that they take smooth conversion of the properties into basic residential units. They should first study their property to understand how to start the transformation. People should also consult local agencies to stick to local guidelines and building rules. While constructing, hotel owners must determine whether the affordability is suitable for low-income families. 

If they undertake the transformation so that it becomes expensive housing for low-income families, then there is no point in undertaking the change of the old properties. Hence, alter strategically so that the housing remains affordable after converting for the workforce. Remember to do the transformation to make housing more accessible, encouraging them to live in the city centers. They can also take help from the government while undertaking the transformation process.

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