10 Jobs That Don’t Require Any Qualification Certificate

Skill and knowledge make you great, not your degrees and certificates. Many people believe in marks or degrees but is it the only way to check someone’s abilities? It is a stereotype that having a Qualification certificate makes you knowledgeable. Knowledge comes with experience and practice. If you have the right knowledge and skills in your work no one can stop you to touch your sky. Here we come with some amazing job options that do not require any degree but where you can earn and achieve your goals. 

10 amazing jobs that do not require any qualifications certificate

Food Delivery

Food Delivery is one of the famous jobs nowadays that does not require any qualification certificate. Food Delivery is a job where the food delivery driver has to transport or deliver the food to the customers or the destinations. Food delivery drivers generally use different means of transport such as bikes, scooters and other two-wheelers. 

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Transportation & Distribution Driver

Transportation and Distribution drivers need to transport products and goods such as furniture, wood, tools and machines etc. Transportation and distribution drivers use different types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, etc. to transport the products to hir destination. The job has a medium salary and does not require any qualifications. 

Makeup Artist

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist is a very famous job. Makeup artists do not require any qualifications. Makeup artist job is a skill-based job. Both male and female can work as Makeup artists. Makeup artist jobs have a good salary and many people are interested in the field and enjoy the work. 

Travel Consultant

Tourism and travelling are always the most interesting and amazing. People who love to travel need a travel consultant. Travel Consultant needs to plan a trip with friends and family and needs to arrange a tour for the customers. This is an amazing job that just needs the management skills and efficiency in the work instead of any degree or other qualification certificate. 


Photography is one of the most amazing works ever. You do not need any qualifications to be a photographer. Photography is a skill-based job. A Photographer has a good salary and photography is a very famous profession as well. Many photographers are earning amazingly just because of this profession. 

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Dancer Instructor

Dance is not just a hobby nowadays. It is a profession and people will earn by being a dance teacher or instructor. This job does not require any qualifications. This job is based upon individuals’ skills. Nowadays many people are interested in dancing and a lot of them join dance classes or hire a Dance Instructor to learn dancing. 

Animal Trainer or walker

Animal Trainer or Walker is a perfect job for those people who love animals. Many of the families have a pet. Many people hire a pet trainer for their pets. This job has a good salary and no qualifications are required for the job. Animal Trainer needs to train the pet or animals to behave well and they teach them a lot of activities. Animal Trainers or walkers need to go on a walk with animals and take care of them. 

Home Decorator

Home decoration is a very popular thing now. Everyone wants to decorate their home so many people hire a home decorator for designing and decorating their homes. This is also a skill-based job. Home Decorators need to be creative and efficient. This job has a good salary and does not require any degree. 

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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner needs to be very efficient and smart. The wedding planner needs management skills and Creative ideas for the wedding functions. The Wedding Planner needs to work on the decoration, ideas, dresses, theme, party, dance, music, food and to manage all the functions according to their customers. This job is a very good source of income. 

Electronic Technician

Electronic Technician is a skilled-based profession. This job only requires knowledge of technology and machines. This job provides a good income to the Technical workers and this field does not require any degree or diploma. This job requires specific knowledge and skills in this field.


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