Delhi Traffic Cop was Beaten up after Woman accuse him of Physical Assault

A Delhi traffic cop was beaten by the crowd when a woman accused the cop of physical assault after she was asked to stop her scooter for travelling on the wrong side of the road. 

The Delhi Police has detained Six people including two women regarding the same issue. 

A Cop who had gone to Deoli Road of New Delhi to help clear the congestion on the road at 10 am stopped the scooter on which three people were travelling. The woman riding the scooter reportedly got angry about it and started a heated argument with the Cop after which she allegedly hit the Cop, which turned slowly into a dramatic fight.

Police say the woman got upset as she was asked to move her scooter from the road by the Cop and she hit him. During the argument the woman reportedly fell during the tussle which locals took note of and beat up the cops, chasing them down the road.

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For a detailed situation view the Video attached below.

In this Two Women and a Man can be seen assaulting a Cop in his Uniform, who tried to flee but they chase him down and keep hitting him.

The Traffic Inspector has been identified as Mr Rajendra Prasad. Police say, according to the information they gathered two women and a man were riding on the wrong side of the road without a helmet, which has been made mandatory in Delhi when their vehicle was stopped by the Head Constable present at the spot.

They started misbehaving with the constable when Traffic Inspector Mr Rajendra Prasad asked for a crane to tow away the scooter. This reportedly angry woman started saying she was physically assaulted by the traffic personnel there.

So, if the woman and the other two are found guilty they will charge for –

  1. Wrongly accusing a Government Officer on Duty of Physical Assault.
  2. Assaulting Cops in Uniform.
  3. Breaking the Traffic Laws of travelling on the wrong side of the road.
  4. Three passengers on the two-passenger vehicle
  5. And lastly, riding the vehicle without helmets.
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