Top 10 Copper Manufacturing Industries in India (2022)

India is among the top 20 countries leading in copper production globally. It is a net exporter of refined copper, and has a large copper production industry. In 2011 India’s copper demand was estimated to grow at least 7% and, in that year, it grew almost 50%. There are many large companies, both private and public, whose revenue contributed to the growth of the copper industry in India.

The list of the top copper producing companies of India below has been arranged on the basis of the total revenue generated through the companies’ copper business segment.


Owned by the Aditya Birla Group, Hindalco is one of the leading producers of aluminum and copper products. It had a revenue of 4700+ crores from its copper business in the second quarter of 2021. Hindalco owns one of the largest copper smelters in the world. It also has downstream copper facilities, a captive jetty and a fertilizer plant for its copper business.

Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Indian Copper Industry Hindustan Copper Ltd

A public sector undertaking under the administration of the Ministry of Mines of Government of India, Hindustan Copper is the nation’s only vertically integrated copper-producing company. It has multiple mines and plants throughout the country, with a production capacity of 3.8 million tonnes per annum. It has a turnover of 1000-2000 crores annually, and exported about 457,000 tonnes of copper in 2018-19.

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Sterlite Copper Industries

Sterlite copper is a subsidiary of Sterlite Industries owned by Vedanta Ltd. It operated the largest copper smelter plant in India in Thoothukudi, which is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, from 1998 to 2018. The government’s closure of the mine caused an estimated 1400 crores loss of revenue to Sterlite. They continue processing copper manufactured in their mine in Australia, under the Vedanta group.

Bhagyanagar India Ltd.

Bhagyanagar is one of India’s oldest and the largest copper product manufacturing companies. Founded by GM Surana in 1985, it is still run by the Surana family and deals in products such as copper pipes, rods, strips, push bars and sheets. It reported a revenue of 500 crores in 2019-20 and is a major producer of copper products.

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation

Established in the year 1963 by the government of India, the company mines copper, lignite and other minerals and is listed on BSE and NSE. It reported total revenues above 1500 crores since 2017. It is based in Ahmedabad and started copper mining with a captive refining plant as early as the 1980s.

Madhav Copper Ltd.

A subsidiary of the Madhav Group, Madhav Copper offers an extensive range of copper products suitable for application in pump, motors, transformers, generators, panel and switchgear. It also has four world class manufacturing facilities to facilitate its diverse portfolio. It reported a revenue of over 200 crores in 2020, and a profit of 4.45 crores.

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ABC Gas International

Established in 1980, the company was formerly known as Brassco Extrusions Ltd. and is a leading manufacturer of piped gas and copper pipes with a strong focus on copper plumbing systems. It reported a revenue of 157 crores in 2018, and has a share capital of 198 crores.

Archotech Ltd.

Founded in 1981, Arcotech limited manufactures non-ferrous engineering products such as copper sheets, strips, foils and custom components. It boasts of a unique fully integrated manufacturing facility that allows it to produce the desired components and products for its clients. Its revenue in 2019 was 75.5 crores, and had a loss of almost 59 crores.

Cubex Tubings Ltd.

This company manufactures copper products and copper alloy tubings that can be primarily found in power plants and petroleum refineries and nuclear plants. Its products are mainly used for medical purposes, infrastructure, power generation and defence purposes. It reported a net income of 60 crores in 2020, and had a profit after tax of 43 lakhs.

Baroda Extrusions Ltd.

Baroda extrusions Ltd. Is the first copper extrusion plant in the country with best-in-class infrastructure and machinery in its manufacturing plant in the village of Garadia. The company manufactures a variety of copper products ranging from copper flats, rods, bus bars to mother tubes. It had a revenue of 52 crores in 2020 with a loss of 20 crores.

Now moving on to some questions (FAQs) that you might have regarding this massive copper industry and its workings.

What state is the largest producer of copper?

Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of copper in the country, producing almost 56.86% of the total copper produced in the country.

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How copper is manufactured?

First the ore is extracted from the underground through a process called mining after which it is ground up into a fine powder-like substance. The ore is then concentrated and the impurities (gangue) are removed, which makes the powdered ore ready for roasting (to remove some sulphur). The ore is then smelted with fluxes, making it ready for its conversion to matte and anode casting before finally refining it with the use of electrodes to produce the finished product. Then it can further be processed into rods, tubes, pipes, etc.

What is copper used for?

Historically, copper was used to manufacture coins, along with silver and gold, which were more valuable. Today, all US coins are copper alloys. Copper is also extensively used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. This is because it conducts heat and electricity very well. 
Its other uses include roofing and plumbing, industrial machinery and gun metals. Copper utensils is also a growing market. Compounds of copper are used to make industrial chemicals, such as copper sulfate being used in agriculture and water purification.


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