11 Business Ideas For Housewives With Low Investment

The world is changing and so are women. Women are now taken as equivalents to any man. There is nothing that a woman can not do. Both men and women are at par. Women these days are qualified, competent, hard working and are perfect for doing jobs at an office. However, some women might prefer to be their own bosses and  start working at their own homes. It is comparatively easier as there are no problems of travelling or time constraints. This article has listed some business ideas that a woman might consider as a good business option with low investment and high profit to start working at her home in 2021.

1. Blogging

Blogging has gained a lot of popularity these days. Due to the advancements in the internet and technology, blogging has become like a really useful tool to write on well searched topics. Blogging is less tedious, requires extremely less resources and gives you recognition and good incentives. Each blog will help you earn a sufficient amount of money and it is a really good business idea for a woman working from home. It is easier, less tedious and you can do it at any time of the hour with your mobile phone and an active internet connection. It is one of the most feasible and easiest business ideas that do not involve much money and capital.

2. Start Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the easiest of earn in today’s digital world. All you have to do is hold your smartphone or video camera and record. Best way to start is to record tutorial videos and share your friends and family.

3. Baking

If you have the talents of baking or are interested in taking a small course to start your own baking venture go ahead. Don’t include home delivery options and make cakes or muffins for your clients. Promote your baking skills on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. Baking is one of the most reliable home business ideas. You need less capital and you may work only according to the orders that you receive. It gives you the advantage of working for yourself by yourself. Baking is very famous and never out of options. Each occasion requires a cake or pastries. Baking will be a good option for women who like to spend their time in the kitchen cooking and baking.

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4. Tutor Services

Many children require extra guidance and support in education apart from the classes attended at school. Tutoring students is a really popular as well as a great business option for a work from home point of view. Teaching is the greatest work you can do. You will help in building the future generation through your teachings. Open a small tuition centre and teach a few students. It will be beneficial for both you and the children you teach. You can teach subjects that you have knowledge about. You can also teach them extra curricular and non academic subjects such as music, art and craft etc. If you do not wish to call students or children at your house you can rather start teaching online through videos. YouTube and other media helps a lot with such business options.

5. Pet Care

Many people have pets these days. People prefer keeping pets in their houses. If you are not scared of domestic animals such as dogs or cats and have the necessary talent and will power to look after them you may set up a pet care unit and do a pet sitting. People who have to go for their jobs or go out of their homes and have to leave behind their pets alone at home can be benefited with such a business idea. They will have a home to keep their pets and you will have a job to do.

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6. Day Care (crèche)

There are several working parents who have to leave their children behind alone at their houses due to their work issues. These parents spend a lot of time and money finding a domestic servant who would look after their child. You can help the ones in need by opening a daycare for some children and then look after them. Women are blessed with the art of looking after small children and you can use your talents and open up your own day care centre at your own house.

7. Makeup Tutorials & Videos

Make up is very important for some women. However, they lack necessary guidance and the ability to have the correct makeup on their face. If you think that you can address and solve this issue by helping them, try to make makeup videos and tutorials. Teach them how to use and apply make up through social networking sites. This will help you reach a greater audience. Earning views on social media is beneficial and helps you earn a certain sum of money. You can also start an online teaching programme and help people who need guidance. If you don’t have a problem with the space, you can also start calling clients to your home and teach them the art of correct make up.

8. Personalised Gift Shop

Gift shops never go out of style. They are a very common business option for women and generally everyone searching for a small work from home business. You just need a certain space if you want to call people and let them buy the stuff you want to sell, otherwise promote your shops through Instagram, Twitter and other digital and print media. You can create or sell things that might be attractive gift options. Include pretty best out of waste creative self made gifts or showpieces. You may also watch the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) and create easy yet attractive things for people to buy and use. You will need less capital and investment in such a business.

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9. Boutique

Clothes are women’s favourite objects till date. If you are looking for a small business idea that involves very less workforce you may consider a boutique. You just need a tailor and a sewing machine. There are several women who like  to create and design new and attractive clothes. If that is your field of interest, you can try to open up a boutique and invite the nearby people through forwarding and promoting your venture on WhatsApp. Boutiques are easy to set up and maintain. You just need a certain number of clients to start off.

10. Tiffin Services or Take Away Restaurant

If you are a chef in disguise, start a small restaurant or tiffin services. There are several people who are deprived of good and hygienic home made food. If you have the talent to cook for several people everyday, you may start a tiffin supplying service whereby your customers can pick their lunch boxes while on their way to their offices. After some time, you may hire delivery boys to deliver your food. Cooking is one of the most reliable and somewhat the best and helpful business ventures to undergo. The best thing in this world is to feed someone who might need the food. 

11. Freelancing

Freelancing is a very important work from home business venture. You can be a freelance writer, blogger, makeup artist, marketing manager etc. Freelancing is very diverse and one of the most famous work from home business opportunities for women. You need less or no capital with the liberty of less restrictions.

This article has ten business ideas that you might consider to start if you are a woman looking for startups or jobs. Through the above mentioned jobs you are your own master and you get to do whatever you think is best for your business.


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